Visual Branding & Graphic Design

Brand-Logo & Visual Identity

Starting at $1997 USD

After deep discovery, we will create your brand in ONE day. Schedule a call to find out how.

The most immediate need for a brand creating a new visual presence is a comprehensive visual brand identity. Our basic package will provide the springboard you need to get started. 


  • Deep Dive Visual Brand Discovery (Brand Questionnaires, 2 Hour Brand Consultation, and Mood Board)
  • Visual Brand Identity Creation (Primary Logo, Secondary Logo & Submarks, Accent Elements, Mock Up examples, Final Brand Style Sheet, .EPS, .PDF, and .PNG Files of all Elements)
  • Optional Business Cabinet (suite of designs such as business card, brochure, etc.)

Graphic Design

Starting at $297 USD

(Retainer Packages start at $500/Month)

All businesses need stuff. You need Instagram templates, business cards, employee manuals, event folders, billboards, signs, labels, product and pricing guides, slide decks for online courses, PDFs, Pinterest images, blog post images, There is almost no end to the design work businesses need. Just look around you. Everything you see, a designer made that.

We live in a visual world, and we are powerfully influenced by what we see. Refined, elegant design can take you from amateur to professional in an instant. And in such a highly competitive environment, you can’t afford to look like an amateur. Retainer packages are also available, so if you have ongoing design needs, they will be covered with a predictable budget for your company.  

Why Should You Work With A Professional?

Outsider Perspective

You know the old adage, “two heads are better than one.” This is especially true in business. When we own our company, we often have preconceived ideas about how we think outsiders perceive us. But most of the time it’s not accurate. Bringing me on to your team, you are guaranteed honest feedback from someone with nothing to lose, and has every incentive to see you succeed.

Expert Feedback

Feedback is a good thing. But expert feedback is a great thing. We all have opinions, but experts can explain why something is working or not working for you. When it comes to design, this is particularly important. I have seen businesses totally turn sales around just because they finally had someone say to them, “your packaging doesn’t look professional” and they listened.

Faster Results

If there is one thing that, as business owners, we need more of it, it’s time. Most of us will take time over money because we know that time is money! What might take you 20 hours to create (say a set of social media template) may take me only 4, How much is 20 hours of your time worth? Now imagine having that time free for sales, clients, or even spending time with family!

It Saves You Money

In the book “The Big Leap” there is a story of a consultant who tries to install his own printer. His consulting rate is $1500/hour. Rather than spending a little money to have a professional install it, he spent 13 hours trying to do it himself… and then hired someone anyway. Working with a professional designer lets you stay in your zone of genius while I work in mine.

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